Fatigué mais pas crevé

What I've really grown to love about this sculpture is how it makes me think continuously about the message that I am trying to convey. The conversation I want to start relates to sustainability and usefulness, environmentally and personally, but lately it's made me think about sustainability as it relates to communities, specifically Gowanus.

Artists are being pushed out of their studios on 9th street in Gowanus, and right around the corner at 112 2nd avenue, where I have my studio. Walking to my studio a couple of weeks back I saw the word forget tagged on the side of one of the buildings housing artists on 9th street. I have no context for it, but it made me think immediately that it was a message to the artists to forget. To move on. 

Obviously, Artists aren't the only one's that struggle as a neighborhood becomes more popular, as developers become interested. Original residents, small business, industry and more get price / pushed out.

People are obviously talking about this, there are community groups all over, and in Gowanus specifically the community got together to form a planning framework (www.bridginggowanus.com) in essence to discuss sustainability of the neighborhood going forward. 

The pieces of wood of which René is comprised were and will be pieces found in Gowanus. As such the sculpture speaks to the community, a reminder of what we need to take into consideration as we move forward, that we are a community, that we can come together, that we are strong. I'd like for that to be one of the messages at least. Thus I'm looking to exhibit it in an industrial lot / space in Gowanus so that people will see it and think about the issues. That it will serve as a reminder. 

Hopefully it sparks other thoughts and conversations as well. These are just my thoughts as I build the sculpture.