Act of vandalism number #2 was a little more involved. I'm not totally sure what happened. From what I've pieced together of different accounts is that some folks came and messed the park up a bit, threw some garbage cans over the pier and knocked the sculpture over, though the the thumb fell off so I'm not sure if there was some extra prying that took place. Photo below. Surprisingly, I was able to get thumb back on, heading over there at 7am with my repair knapsack prepped. I'm look positively on the vandalism for two reasons. 1) The initial anchors I had brought were plastic and not good enough, so I learned my lesson bought some metal L brackets and some 10in lag screws and wound those down with wrenches. 2) With each bit of destruction comes the chance to recreate. 

With that said, a portion that I recreated looks like shit. It looks like water from the channel (buttermilk / red hook) or the bay (Upper New York) stumbled ashore, found it's way to the back side of the thumb of the sculpture, saw a hole and proceeded to vomit drift wood and some kind of adhesive into the whole... But anyway, it makes me smile. That's kind of what it's all about. 

I put it in a park to see how people would interact with it, to see what discussions would surface. So I've seen one person photographing shoes on it, I've spied on one guy gushing about how cool it was, looking at and touching each piece of wood that piqued his interest, I had a little girl tell me it was like her bedroom, the palm the bed and the thumb the chair... she used to have a couch, but now that's in her brother's room... I've had people tell me it's simply nice to have it there, and I have people actively stomping on it.

I was curious to see how the weather would effect the sculpture. Now I'm more aware of and curious about how the public will effect the sculpture and how I'll fix Rene. Fortunately, there's a load of beautiful drift wood on the rocks and the beach. Mmmmmm. 

In the fourth picture in the slideshow below you can see the do not climb the sculpture sign that I placed in front of the sculpture. Please do not climb Rene, for your own safety, but please do touch and interact with it!