rené - Le début

My idea for René started with a sketch at 1am followed by a journal entry that I can no longer find. One subsequent evening I was making a list of projects to follow up on, journeys to take, etc. The idea for this sculpture was 7th or 8th on the page. I became really excited and started dreaming about it. At first it started out just as a desire to build a solid sculpture, (I have always had a love and appreciation for hands, their dynamic form and use) something like a hand rising out of the earth somewhere in a forest, made from fallen trees. As I spent time wandering in search of an affordable studio, the idea developed and I found I wanted to turn it into a series. 

Before I go any further, I think it's worth saying that the reason I feel that the progress of this project is worth sharing is that it actually happened. Thanks to a close friend of mine who invested in me, I was able to seriously start looking for a studio space to start on this project. Whether René has an impact on those who interact with it is one thing, but it will always be one of the most important projects in my life, as it marks my rebirth as an individual.