I feel best and most alive when working with my hands, figuring out how to piece things together. Thus as an artist I often use discarded objects and parts in order to see how I can reuse them to make something meaningful. Sometimes it’s as simple as using pieces of cardboard as canvas. Other times it’s more about the idea, for example figuring out how I can use an excel spreadsheet as a canvas and then linking art and finance. Currently I am exploring the relationship between scrap / trash wood in NYC and its usefelness via sculpture. 


Brooklyn based, yet never grounded. An accountant by trade for various non profits, but an artist at heart I’ve been sketching all my life, but in 2011 I set up a small studio in my apartment in which to paint and it blossomed from there. Now I am finally setting up a formal studio space and dedicating the majority of my time to my art to see what I can do, working with a lot of different mediums including wood, found objects, and paint. I put together my first solo show at 111 Bowery in June of 2015 and had a piece in the “you’ve got mail” summer show at the Ground Floor Gallery in August of 2015.